Bike To Work

The national Bike To Work event through May and June

Since 2012, CERN participates every year in the Swiss national event Bike To Work.

This national action is complementary to the unofficial Bike To Work event which runs through the year.

The Swiss national Bike to Work event is based on the idea that people working together team up in groups of 4 colleagues who shall “push each other” to use the bike for work commuting throughout the months of May and June, at least every second day.
There in average 44 working days in May and June, which means a minimum of 22 days on the bike will be enough to take part.

Inscribing a team is straightforward; simply engage with 3 of your colleagues and get the team registered before April 30th. 

There are no costs for the individual teams, there is no minimum distance, and parts of the journey can be done using public transport.
There is even an opening for non-bikers: 1 member per team can participate as a pedestrian, skateboarder or using whichever other means of transport that does not depend on an engine.

We encourage you all to create teams, and hopefully all team-members will take part in both efforts – bicycling is becoming mainstream!