Bike To CERN

The unofficial​ Bike To CERN event through the whole year

In order to motivate more biking among CERN people we invite to a highly unofficial “bike to work challenge”. We want a more active focus on the health and benefits of leaving your car at home. Further, we want to show that people want to use their bike to work, so that the politicians in the area make it safer for bikers. Finally, competitions always make things more fun!

The rules are fairly simple. The winner will be the person with most biking to work (CERN) during the competition period which starts on the first working day at CERN of the year and ends on the day prior to CERN’s annual closure.
One can include bike rides to/from work, and work related commuting while at work. That would include biking to a restaurant for lunch, to meetings or similar. It does not include exercise/leisure biking. There is currently little control, so we trust your honesty.

We will count the number of days with bike use, as well as the distance accumulated over the year.

At the end of the year the winner will be announced. Currently we can promise a large amount of karma. Sponsoring is being worked on.

The challenge is also a team challenge, getting the total days and distance for all persons working at CERN as high as possible. Other physics institutes and international organisations in the Geneva region can consider themselves challenged. Do you manage to get more km than CERN? 🙂

So what are you waiting for? Sign up, and make sure all your colleagues know the challenge is on!​